CNIG MJSP resolution nº 45, published in the Official Gazette of the Union on 24/01/2022, aims to encourage foreigners working remotely for companies based outside Brazil to apply for temporary residence visas in Brazil, as a form of boosting the Brazilian economy.

This visa granted to such type of workers known as “ digital nomads” has been regulated by the National Immigration Council (CNIG), a body of the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety of the Federal Government, making it possible to grant temporary residence visas to immigrants who can prove they receive income from a foreign employer denning from activities that can be carried out virtually in Brazil.

The immigrant must prove that he/she receives a minimum monthly remuneration of USD 1,500.00 (one thousand, five hundred US dollars) or the availability of at least USD 18,000.00 (eighteen thousand US dollars).

This type of visa does not allow the immigrant to be hired by companies based in Brazil while residing in the national territory.

It is valid for 1 (one) year, and can be renewed for an equal period.

Immigrants who are already in Brazilian territory and wish to apply for a residence permit under this type of visa, must access the Ministry of Justice through the “Migranteweb” system. (

By publishing this resolution, Brazil joins the list of countries including Portugal, Germany, Mexico and Iceland that grant temporary residence  permits to “digital nomads”, stimulating economic  growth, new business opportunities and services and embraced tax revenues.

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